Soybot Workshops

We are offering workshops from time to time, most of them are focused on a technical introduction to printing with a Risograph – in our case a Risograph GR3750, and creating a zine together with participants in a specific technique with one or 2 colors, or posters. The result is always a small issue of prints/booklet that stay with the participants and organizers, while 10 copies go to our SOYBOT archive.

Questions about the workshops? Contact us here:

Take a look at a selection of workshops so far:

  • Jesolo
  • Tokonoma
  • Next Comic Linz
  • Salon für Kunstbuch, 21er Haus
  • Klasse für Malerei, University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • Salon für Kunstbuch, 21er Haus
  • Bodypainting Workshop
  • LUSTR-Festival
  • Klasse für Malerei, University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • Super Anti Hero
  • SELF-Festival
  • Brody Art Yard, Art Placc Festival
  • Class for printgraphic, University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • Vienna Design Week
  • Kognitiv: Monster Drawing Workshop
  • Jesolo
    24th – 25th March, 2018, Vienna

    We printed a zine during a workshop at JESOLO Print Weekend
    AIL – Angewandte Innovation Lab

    21st – 26th August, 2017, Kassel

    So, we spent a week at Super Tokonoma in Kassel, here are some pictures. (call us documenta artists 💪🏻 hehe)

    Next Comic Linz
    16th – 18th March, 2017, Linz

    Riso Comic Workshop at OK Linz during Next Comic Festival
    OK Next Comic

    Salon für Kunstbuch, 21er Haus
    22nd – 23rd April, 2017, Vienna

    World Book Day is a great occasion for a workshop.
    Thanks to Salon für Kunstbuch and 21er Haus!

    Klasse für Malerei, University of Applied Arts Vienna
    26th January, 2017, Vienna
    Klasse für Malerei Prof. Henning Bohl

    This time students and assistants of painting class payed us a visit at our studio and we showed them some secret RISO tricks for their own projects—great output and experiments, looking forward to see their future work at university!

    Salon für Kunstbuch, 21er Haus
    23rd – 24th April, 2016, Vienna

    On World Book and Copyright Day we held a workshop at the Salon für Kunstbuch / 21er Haus.
    Thanks for sharing the weekend with us, it was great!
    Let’s do it again sometime.

    Bodypainting Workshop
    Saturday, 21th November 2015 14–19pm, Raum D MQ
    @ Self Publishing Saturday

    Ohne Fett und ohne Creme, ein dermographisches Spektakel!

    September, 2015, Prague

    Had a great time at LUSTR-Festival working on a poster-zine with a RP machine and fluo-pink, took us 2 days, had a lot of fun!
    Thanks to page5 & kudla!


    Klasse für Malerei, University of Applied Arts Vienna
    28th – 29th May, 2015, Vienna
    Klasse für Malerei Prof. Henning Bohl

    The painting class at the University of Applied Arts Vienna received a new attraction: A Risograph GR3770 – SOYBOT held an induction workshop about the accurate handling of this nice machine, no taboos, tons of special test prints, some demolishing and screwing too!

    Super Anti Hero
    13th – 14th March, 2015, Vienna

    «Show us the laziest, weirdest, weakest, saddest Super Anti Heroes you can imagine!» Through the help of our risograph’s super powers we printed quite amazing posters. Special thanks to Simon Häussle and Stefano Ricci for coming by, talking about their work and hanging out!

    Presented by Nextcomic.

    5th – 7th September, 2014, Bratislava

    The lovely people from the SELF-Festival invited us to do a workshop in Bratislava. During two days we produced a small collection of two coloured posters. The title of this years festival was "NIE SME TU SAMI" – "We are not alone".

    Pictures by Katarína Bellová

    Brody Art Yard, Art Placc Festival
    17th – 18th July, 2014, Tihany (HU)

    We were invited to Tihany, Balaton by Claudia Martins of Brody Art Yard Budapest to do a workshop with artists from the Art Placc Festival. Not only did we have the chance to work with talented people, we also had quite a good time swimming at the yacht club.

    Brody Art Yard
    Pictures by Brody Art Yard

    Class for printgraphic, University of Applied Arts Vienna
    May 2014, Vienna

    A group of students from the class for printgraphic (Prof. Jan Svenungsson) spent three days in our atelier to produce a collaborative publication. The technique of papercut, printed with the risograph, brings together the different drawing styles of the participants.

    Class for Printgraphic

    Vienna Design Week
    1st – 3rd October, 2012, Vienna

    During the Vienna Design Week 2012 Soybot was invited by paperproducer Fedrigoni to do a workshop in their showroom in Vienna. For three days people were able to stop by, work, print and hang out with Soybot. The illustrations were cut from paper and printed directly with the risograph. – All analog, no computer. As a topic everything was allowed but snowflakes and stars.

    The covers were laser-engraved by rausgebrannt.

    Kognitiv: Monster Drawing Workshop
    20th – 21st May, 2012, Latsch, South Tyrol

    Everyone should know how to draw monsters. During two days around 30 participants between 4 and 40 years talked about monsters, scribbled monsters, cut out monsters and drew monsters. The results were printed in an edition of 30.

    Die Verwandlung – Kulturtage Latsch 2012:
    Pictures by Christoph Pircher

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